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Inside Indie:
An Interview With Independent Publisher Jotham Burello

November 05, 2012
by Emily Schultze

Jotham Burello is the man behind the machine that is the humbly sized, award-winning independent press, Elephant Rock Books. On Nov. 12, the press is set to release an anthology of essays, Briefly Knocked Unconscious By A Low Flying Duck, unearthed from the archives of Chicago's 2nd Story. This live-lit performance group has been connecting with audiences with honest, inspiring, reach-into-your-gut-because-they-are-so-damn-good, personal narratives for over ten years. more>>


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Independent publisher survives against odds

November 26, 2012
by Alex Stedman

In an industry rife with change, some publishers have struggled to maintain profits in the digital age. Random House and Penguin, two of the world’s biggest publishers, announced Oct. 29 that they are merging to stay afloat. But small presses are less vulnerable to these pressures because they cater to artists, not stockholders. more>>




Elephant Rock Books

Elephant Rock Books is an imprint of the multimedia company Elephant Rock Productions. For many years the company has been producing writing related multimedia. Think of us like Random House, minus the overhead, huge backlist and German overlords. We publish handsome books quality fiction and nonfiction that you won't forget. 

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